Monday, April 11, 2011

Update on Radiation Levels

Did you know Canada.. last month we posted an article about Health Canada monitoring stations having detected a "minuscule" increase in radiation levels along the B.C. coast in the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan.

We wanted to update Canadians on what's happening now.

  • - the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is widening radiation testing to includes B.C. milk - they say they have yet to detect related any emitting radiation
  • - negligible levels of radioactivity have been detected along North America's West Coast
  • - Japanese food and feed imports and found all products below Health Canada's action levels for radiation (Japanese food products made up less than 0.3 per cent of Canada's total food imports)
  • - there is a postal worker in Toronto that has been off the job for a week because of fears about the radiation levels of mail originating in Japan (there are radiation detectors in the postal facilities but they are not being used to scan mail originating from Japan at this time)
  • - many have voiced concerns about possible radiation contamination in seafood stocks - current radiation testing by government agencies only has to do with the air for the most part
  • - low levels of radioactivity drifting from Japan have been detected as far away as on the monitoring systems of New Brunswick's Point Lepreau nuclear power plant but the levels detected do not pose a health risk to the public
  • - higher than normal radiation levels have been detected in Ontario, Energy Minister Brad Duguid doesn't have any details whether the higher radiation levels were found in water, air or food but says there's nothing to worry about
Are you concerned about these small levels of radiation still coming in from Japan?


  1. Now, with more radiation leaking and being deposited through the air by rainfall, one should know:
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