Sunday, April 10, 2011

Judgement Day

Did you know Canada..  many billboards are popping up across Canada - including this one in Windsor Ontario warning of Judgement Day coming May 21, 2011.

Wondering what this is? According to some on May 21st, Judgement Day will begin and the Rapture will occur. The Rapture is a reference to the catching up of 1 Thessalonians 4:17 when Christians will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ.

It is an evangelical Christian organization from California that is posted these billboards across Canada and the US. Harold Camping a Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Stations, Inc. that states that a number of Biblical passages point unquestionably to May 21, 2011 as the first day of the Day of Judgment and October 21, 2011 for the end of the world.

What do you think will happen May 21?  I think I'll be enjoying my May 2-4 weekend :-)


  1. I think it will just be another day. If something was to ever happen, I hope it is over fast. Boy, remember the panic of Y2K?

  2. I know, crazy between this and the Dec 21 2012 - I bet that one is going to be very stressful with people freaking out and right at Christmas too!

  3. That's May Two-Four weekend! AKA Victoria Day. Every Canadian is going to be out with case of beer, enjoying the weather. I doubt it will be much of an event this side of the border - unless more beer's involved!

  4. At least if it's time to go we will go happy!! lol..

  5. Ok ok, I will do my best not to make this religious...I promise, I will try LOL

    Ok so I am an evangelical Christian, and the bible clearly says that "no man shall know the day nor the hour of Christ's return" so anyone who predicts it using bible scripture numbers and such really needs to re-read their bible! I remember hundreds of books coming out in the 80s that said that we would all be gone on a certain date in the late 80s (can't remember the date, but clearly didn't happen). These things always get me irritated. I believe in the rapture, and judgement day, I just don't think it will happen on any day people predict, and say it says in the bible.

    Ok I hope that wasn't too religious, and you all don't think I am a crazy loon....although you might not bre wrong if you think I am crazy LOL

  6. I completely agree that if it is going to happen we are not going to know the "when and where" and I certainly don't believe a date can be devised out of some sort of numbering system out of the bible.

    It's very stressful to see people get hyped up about stuff like this and posting these billboards just to create chaos.

  7. not only that, it brings shame - sadly, it does nothing good ...

  8. Ambrosia ClarityMay 8, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    You know, the world is suppose to end like what? Every few years now? 1999, 2001, June 6 2006, sometime in 2010, and now May 21st!

    All I'm sayin', is if the trumpets and horns wake me up, I'm gonna have to have some words with the band.


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