Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bicycle Factory builds access for kids in Ghana

Did you know Canada.. Canadians can help send much needed bikes to school kids in Ghana? June is also Bike Month all across Canada. Bikes are important all over the world, and is life changing in Africa.

Many rural Ghanaians lack access to basic needs such as healthcare and education, simply because they are too far away. And for kids in rural Ghana, bicycles represent more than just transportation and fun. They also represent mobility, freedom and change.  So The Bicycle Factory designed a bike called "nframa" (Ghanaian for "wind") to suit local needs and bumpy, Ghanaian roads. And every year, The Bicycle Factory program gives Canadians the opportunity to help send up to 5,000 of these sturdy, simple-to-repair bikes to Ghana simply by entering bar codes off participating Cadbury Products.

You can see here what a bike means in Africa.

Participating bike builders also have a chance to win a life-changing trip to Ghana to help deliver the bike!

Last year, The Bicycle Factory was proud to deliver 4,032 bicycles. The Bicycle Factory officially opened on April 18th and will be running until July 31st. Your support could help us get to our goal of sending 5,000 bikes to Ghana this year.

Visit them on Facebook and http://thebicyclefactory.ca/ for more information.

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