Friday, June 10, 2011

Taste Tea Cup

Did you know Canada.. I have found the one of the coolest Canadian places to order tea online: Taste Tea Cup!

Taste Tea Cup carries a variety of loose-leaf teas and drinkable herbs. Their teas & herbs are of the highest quality and they only sell tea that comes from ethical growers who produce these premium teas in a responsible manner.

I am a big tea drinker and have ordered loose leaf tea from all over the Internet - trust me, there is a big difference between quality loose leaf tea and some of the lesser ones.  I was lucky enough to try some samples of Taste Tea Cup's tea and this is quality tea - and in the COOLEST flavours!

With flavoured tea like Grand marnier, Caramel cherry cheesecake, Ontario Icewine, Tutti Fruiti and a variety of black, green, white, and chai there is something for EVERYONE.  My current favourite is the Mocha Rocha!

A note from their website that is great information and something I hadn't even thought about is..
Do the planet a favour – serve loose leaf tea! Loose tea has a much smaller environmental footprint than teabags. Teabags require paper or nylon mesh, a staple, a paper or plastic tag & glue. Although per bag the material may seem insignificant, multiplied by billions annually, the additional energy consumption required to make them all makes loose leaf tea a much friendlier option! - So true!!

Taste Tea Cup also offers fantastic brewing instructions for all of their teas, something I found very helpful - I certainly learned a few things reading through this page.

The owner, Canadian Davina Simms, really knows her tea and if you are a tea lover like me I highly recommend trying one (or more) of her fantastic blends!

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