Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top Baby Names

Did you know Canada.. some of the top baby names in Canada may surprise you.

The top girls name in Canada is Olivia, meaning olive tree and representing peace.

The top boys name in Canada is Liam (this one surprised me, I don't know too many Liams) meaning will helmet, protection and is the Irish Gaelic version of William.

It's funny with how vast Canada can be so can the names. In modern British Columbia some of the top names include Brooklyn, Maya and Logan while in Nova Scotia many of the top names reflect the Maritime culture such as Kayleigh, Noah and Owen.

What baby names are popular in your area?


  1. I hear a lot of Tristan and Lily in Ontario

  2. My sons name is Liam and it is definitely popular. When people ask his name and I tell them they say oh my so-and-so is named Liam.

    May I ask where you heard that it's the top boys name in Canada?


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