Saturday, June 4, 2011

Harbour Grace

Did you know Canada.. Harbour Grace Newfoundland is one of the oldest towns in North America with roots dating back to the sixteenth century.

(Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives (Coll - 75, 5.05.159))

It was also home to one of the most notorious pirates - Peter Easton. It was in 1610 that pirate Peter Easton made Harbour Grace his headquarters. He is known to be one of the most successful of all pirates as he controlled such seapower that no sovereign or state could afford to ignore him and he was never overtaken or captured by any fleet commissioned to hunt him down.

Another exciting visitor to Harbour Grace was Amelia Earhart who took off in a red and gold single engine airplane from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, on May 20, 1932.

Harbour Grace is now a fishing town with a fish processing centre, it also has many historical buildings and an emerging tourist industry.

I for one would love to visit on Pirate Day to join in on Pagentry, contests, sailboat races, traditional Newfoundland food and music, re-enactment of the Pirate King Peter Easton's landing in 1611 and a lot more.

Source:, Wikipedia

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