Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Great Canadian Blog Bash: Young Drivers of Canada

Did you know Canada.. we'd love to introduce you to another fantastic sponsor in The Great Canadian Blog Bash: Young Drivers of Canada! One lucky reader will win a $100 Young Drivers of Canada gift certificate.

Young Drivers of Canada is Canada’s largest driver training organization and has been teaching Canadians how to drive and survive for over 40 years.

Established in 1970, YD has grown to over 140 classrooms nationally and has taught over 1 million novice drivers. YD is committed to teaching the skills needed to keep drivers safe on the road through its proprietary Collisionfree! ™ Approach. To date, Young Drivers of Canada is the ONLY ISO9001:2008 registered driving program in Canada and offers the most comprehensive driver training courses in the country, including exclusive YD-branded in-car emergency maneuvers training.

I love that over YD's 40 years, they have trained 1 million Canadians to drive safely - 800,000 in Ontario alone. I'm included in that number, are you a YD graduate?

YD also offers driver improvement programs for experienced drivers, driver retesting preparation as well as the Collisionfree! ™ brand of programs specifically designed for professional fleet drivers. Exclusive to YD in Canada are the CogniFit® products which help to improve driving related cognitive skills through online assessment and personalized training.

Continue the conversation on driver safety and education with YD here too:
YD Blog

Looking forward to our $100 gift certificate winner during The Great Canadian Blog Bash!

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  1. Teya Tamsen ttamsen@vfs.comJune 23, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    Our roads would be far SAFER if the cost were not so OBVIOUSLY prohibative.


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