Sunday, June 5, 2011


Did you know Canada.. the largest of Canada's 26 snake species and one apparent hybrid is the Southern Ontario black rat snake! The black rat snake actually got a new name recently, now known as the gray ratsnake.

The species are the largest snakes found in Canada. Individuals longer than 1.5 m (5 ft.) are not uncommon, and even-longer ones have been recorded. The young are about 28 to 33 cm long (11 to 13 in.) at birth.

This ratsnake feeds primarily on mice, rats, and some bird eggs and young birds. Not venomous, it constricts its prey within the tight coils of its body. Adults often hunt for mice around rural buildings such as barns, sheds, or cottages. The young will feed on small lizards, young mice and, occasionally, on small frogs such as treefrogs.

It prefers heavily wooded areas and is known for having excellent climbing ability where it sometimes shelters in cavities high up in hollow trees and generally inhabits uplands away from water.

Source:, Nature Conservatory,

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