Thursday, June 2, 2011

Canada Post Strike Update June 2

Did you know Canada.. according to this article in thestar and Canada Post is starting with rotating strikes. This means you may still get mail tomorrow!

If no agreement is reached by 11:59pm tonight it's Winnipeg local that will be on strike first for 24 hours, moving to other cities to be announced later.

As posted by the CUPW..

The purpose of this strike activity is to encourage Canada Post Corporation to abandon their proposals for significant concessions and instead negotiate solutions to the very real problems that are being experienced by 48,000 postal workers.

Winnipeg has been chosen as the location for the first strike activity because it was the first city to be impacted by Canada Post's modernization program. The results have been a sharp deterioration of service to the public as well as a host of health and safety problems experienced by postal workers due to the new work methods and equipment.

CUPW has negotiations demands designed to resolve these problems and we want Canada Post to address them.

Click here for a List of Governments and Departments Opting to Have Social Assistance Cheques Delivered in the Event of a Postal Strike or Lockout.


  1. As a small business owner in Canada, I'm going to have to ship all of my customer orders via FedEx and absorb the extra shipping cost. I'm not pleased with Canada Post at the moment!!!

  2. I'm a self-employed business owner who is waiting for outstanding payments. If Canada Post goes on strike before I receive the payments I'm facing a tough financial situation. I understand and appreciate that it's a tough, physically demanding job and technology has impacted it. That being said, a looming strike is making me look at different ways of receiving payments which are not at the mercy of a union.

  3. At least I was "happy" to hear about the rotating strike, I didn't know that was an option. So at least we'll get mail again tomorrow then we'll see what's next.

  4. I'm also a small business owner waiting for many outstanding payments which are very needed in our businesses condition. I'm also a Bride who does all her shopping online this could possibly ruin my wedding. :(

  5. Come on people! Do you know the history of Unions in Canada? It used to be horrific for workers.The humane working conditions Canada enjoys today is a direct result of very hard won battles in our history. I for one support union workers. Anyone who grumbles does not know of what they speak! Read some history, get informed, of COURSE a strike is supposed to have an impact - that's supposed to show you that their services are valuable to you! Without those workers- you have a problem. Without workers, in all their functions, you don't have a 'business'. They are negotiating, just as you do in your work (that you call your 'business), and as all 'business' people do.


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