Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tim Hortons Camp Day

Did you know Canada.. today is Camp Day at Tim Hortons, this means the ENTIRE coffee sale from each coffee is donated to help send a kid to camp. I guess I better get a couple then ;)

From their website..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 is a special day for Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners, team members and guests. It's Camp Day! Camp Day is the one day a year when Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners across Canada and the United States donate every penny from coffee sales to the Tim Horton Children's Foundation. In 2010, Camp Day raised more than $9.7 million CDN ($9.3 million U.S.).

You can also visit the Camp Day website to donate directly and get info on how to text a donation from your phone.


  1. Well if it's for the kids......

  2. I always wondered if it was all coffee sales or just the profit from coffee sales. From what I just read I am assuming it is ALL money that came in from coffee sales. Now I don't feel so bad about having bought 8 XL double doubles today!! (only 4 were for me, 4 were for my other half!!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Hi Lu!

    According to everything I read it's the entire amount of the coffee sale, not just the profit - so that is fantastic! I had 2, got 2 for my Mom and 1 for my neighbour today so I spent a lot of coffee money FOR THE KIDS today!! :-)


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