Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mosquitoes in Canada

Did you know Canada.. There are about 82 species of mosquitoes in Canada!

Are you already itchy? I know I am. I have already had a few mosquito attacks this spring, I have a couple itchy bites on my legs right now. Not only are these bites a pain they can be dangerous too.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the present known mosquito-borne viruses in Canada are West Nile and St. Louis encephalitis.

West Nile virus belongs to a family of viruses called Flaviviridae. It is spread by mosquitoes that have fed on the blood of infected birds. West Nile virus is closely related to the viruses that cause Dengue fever, Yellow fever and (something else our mosquitoes could be carrying) the St. Louis encephalitis.

The best way to avoid these guys is to remove any standing water away from your home (bird baths, kids pools left filled, etc..) as this is their breeding ground. It's also good practice to wear long sleeves and insect repellents with DEET when you know they are going to be bad (the worst times for mosquitoes is dusk and dawn).

This article in the Winnipeg Free Press gave me the chills - they report Manitoba mosquitoes are legendary, sometimes jokingly referred to as the provincial bird. In the town of Komarno, there is a giant metal weather vane shaped like a mosquito with a wing span of more than four metres. "Komarno" is Ukranian for mosquito.

Have the dreaded mosquitoes gotten bad in your neck of the woods yet?

Source: Hinterland Who's Who, Public Health Agency of Canada, Winninpeg Free Press


  1. 82??? wow, I just thought a mosquito was a mosquito, never thought of them as having different species lol

  2. hahahaha @Manduhh! That is crazy! Great post! I hate mosquito bites too! I have been lucky this year so far, havent been outside too much, but I know come summer and camping, I will be eaten alive! They love me too! LOL


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