Monday, June 6, 2011

Pizza Pizza

Did you know Canada.. Pizza Pizza is Canadian!!

Pizza Pizza was founded in Toronto in 1967, has grown to become Ontario’s number one pizza restaurant chain, fulfilling over 28 million customer orders annually!  It was back in 1975 that Pizza Pizza introduction of famous 11-11 phone number and set it to their catchy jingle in 1978 - truly a part of our history.

Pizza Pizza also makes history with their commitment to our schools and communities.  Pizza Pizza works closely with more than 1,900 elementary schools and organizations of all sizes annually to help local volunteers the true heroes - raise money for those who need it most.  They also provide donations to more than 200 different organizations annually throughout Canada, from children’s causes to health and education.

My boys and I were lucky enough to enjoy a large 3 topping pizza before soccer last week and we loved it! My boys do not like pepperoni for some craaaazy reason so we went with ground beef, bacon and some extra cheese and it was delicious - we had some very happy boys as you can see..

I truly believe in Pizza Pizza's Value Proposition.. “Always the best food, made especially for you.” Pizza Pizza offers consumers a variety of food choices with absolutely no compromise when it comes to quality, freshness and taste.

While my boys and I waited for our pizza to be made fresh you could see the level of detail and commitment in the friendly staff, something you definitely do not see everywhere. I love that Pizza Pizza makes themselves so available on the Internet through Twitter and Facebook.

A truly Canadian Company we can stand behind!

Next time we're going to need 2 pizzas so I can try the Pulled Pork Pizza in their new Chipotle line up!

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