Saturday, June 18, 2011


Did you know Canada.. The igloo is an iconic structure recognized around the world associated with Canada's North and Inuit people.

While it has been many years since igloos were a common form of housing for the Inuit, there are traditionally three forms of the structures.

  • 1. The smallest was constructed as a temporary shelter often used for hunting trips.

  • 2. Intermediate-sized igloos were for semi-permanent, family dwelling - usually a single room.

  • 3. The largest igloos might have had up to five rooms and housed up to 20 people. A large igloo might have been constructed from several smaller igloos attached by their tunnels

    The best snow to use for building an igloo is snow which has been blown by wind, which can serve to compact and interlock the ice crystals. An igloo that is built correctly in a spiral from the inside it will support the weight of a person standing on the roof.

    To heat an igloo a soapstone lamp was used causing the interior to melt slightly and refreeze - strengthening the igloo. The temperature in an igloo can raise up to around 0°C when it’s –40°C or from 2°C up to 10–20°C with use of the soapstone lamp and body heat.

    The igloo is truly an ingenious design and a great testament to the Inuit people.

    Source: CBC, The Canadian Encyclopedia, Wikipedia

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