Saturday, May 7, 2011


Did you know Canada.. BYOW stands for Bring Your Own Wine - something you can do in many restaurants in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and Quebec. THTR stands for Take Home The Rest - allowing a consumer to take home the rest of an open wine bottle IF the bottle can be properly resealed (recorked).

BYOW is said to be a key element in improving choice for consumers and businesses. Your server must be the one to open the wine and most if not all restaurants charge a corkage fee to open that wine - usual anywhere from $5 - $25. Some restaurants use a higher corkage fee to deter consumers from bringing their own wine and ordering off the wine list instead.

If you plan on taking advantage of a restaurant offering BYOW there are a few things to remember..
  • - Don't bring homemade or fortified wines
  • - If the restaurant employs a sommelier (wine steward) it is often considered appropriate and respectful to offer him a sip
  • - Call ahead as some restaurants that offer BYOW may require you to bring your own cork screw and glasses if you want to use the service
  • - Another reason to call ahead is that some restaurants will not allow a wine to be brought in that is already on their wine list
Have you ever "BYOW"??

 Source:, Ministry of Government Services, AGCO

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