Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Results

Did you know Canada.. The Conservatives have won their first majority government with Harper being the first Conservative Prime Minister to lead his party to a majority since Brian Mulroney in 1988.

The NDP will form the Official Opposition - a history making night for them as well.

Liberals may be shocked with their huge dip in numbers since the last election.  The Bloc is also likely to be shocked with their loss in numbers, they may not even end up with one seat before the night is out - NDP taking over Quebec this election.

Are you happy with the election results?  Is it what you were expecting?


  1. no change to the PM...

    An election wasnt necessary. What a waste of money.

  2. ikr. quit calling for elections every fucking 2 years. we are sick of it, and going from conservative minority to conservative majority shows it.

  3. No change in PM but he has the majority now and NDP are the Official Opposition. I personally think it was a big night for Canada - just maybe not the results everyone was hoping for.

  4. i'm happy. at least canada will get something done with a majority.

  5. Yes, and maybe as a comment above said - hopefully we wont have to continue heading to the polls every 2 years or less with a majority

  6. Very happy with the results!

  7. Very pleased. :) And feeling a little smug.

  8. Really happy with the results. I am overjoyed about the Bloc. Thank you Quebec!


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