Friday, May 20, 2011


Did you know Canada.. I wanted to tell you about a fun place that ships to Canada - EdenFantasys. Yes, it is an online adult store (18+ please!) but it's a respectable one that has something for everyone. There are no crazy or nasty popup ads when you visit the site, no rude or disgusting pictures - everything is just light, fun and enjoyable.

They have fun massage oils and lotions available, this particular one I've been eyeing for awhile:

Massage therapy kit
The perfect way to sample several blends, each is infused with natural essential oils, skin-smoothing emollients and nourishing Vitamin E. Includes Serenity, Pleasure Garden, Sweet Almond, Healing Blend and Soaring Spirit.

Something I really love about EdenFantasys is the reviews by real people telling you what they think about the products.  Thanks to the comments and reviews I know the above kit really is as fantastic as it sounds and a great value for the price.

EdenFantasys is a great store available to Canadians for a low shipping rate, they provide discreet shipping on all of their packaging and you can feel safe and secure that you are dealing with a reputable company with a great community.

Eden Cafe


  1. I love edenfantasys. I shop their lingerie section! I just got tons of awesome bras and panty sets!

  2. I love edenfantasys amazing line of products


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