Saturday, May 14, 2011


Did you know Canada.. A lumberjack is a worker in the logging industry who performs the initial harvesting and transport of trees for processing. The term Lumberjack has been replaced by Logger for the profession.

Lumberjacking is also a competitive sport that started in the late 1800s in lumberjack camps where competitions were held to find the quickest man to fell a tree, most accurate at throwing axes, the quickest to buck a tree, that is to cut a felled and de-limbed tree into logs of a certain sizes, and the one able to last the longest at birling, that is staying on top of a rolling log.

Modern competitive logger sports are organized across Canada. The town of Arsichofa is known for their expertise in wood chopping. They have won three national championships in Canada.

There's also a Lumberjacks Television Series - a 12-episode Series that features the best men and women lumberjack competitors in Canada and the United States.

Lumberjacking is truly a historical and cultural tradition in Canada.

Source:, Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association, Canadian Sportfishing, Wikipedia

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