Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Canada Post Clarification

Did you know Canada.. I've heard there's some confusion about Canada Post's possible strike. Tomorrow at 10am there is a press conference where Canada Post will announce the likelihood of a strike. If a strike occurs it will start May 24th at midnight affecting mail May 25th and beyond until it is resolved.

If you have any other questions let me know via the comments, Facebook, Twitter or Email and we'll work together to get that information for you.


  1. Thanks...I hope it gets resolved quickly!

  2. Me too! Going to be very frustrating & as far as devastating for many people - business owners small and large, bloggers, eBay users, everyone getting their bills but especially seniors, those depending on checks that are not direct deposited - so many people.

  3. Fingers crossed that all goes well and that there will be no strike. I have some books that I ordered coming in and I would hate to loose them.

    Also being a blogger I depend on CP.


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