Monday, May 16, 2011


Did you know Canada.. as I look out my window today and see all the rain (what happened to APRIL showers bring May flowers?) I start dreaming about all the things spring means to me.

Spring time means flowers and gardens of course and the BBQ - my fav! Check out this article on the Buy Canadian First Blog about BBQ tips for our upcoming Victoria Day Weekend. Victoria Day Weekend is perfect for so many reasons, it's suppose to be the first "safe" weekend for you to plant your flowers and veggies without worrying about frost, all the crazy kids love to go on their first camping trip of the year, and my fav - having a party with the BBQ going, lots of drinks and the kids running around outside.  We're hoping to hit the beach this holiday weekend as well.  Even if we can't go in the water at least the kids can dig in the sand for a couple hours then we'll go for a hot dog or ice cream.

Spring also means Father's Day is coming up, Shutterfly has some fantastic ideas on gifts for Dad and really sweet cards and stationary.

For some, spring also means graduation and new beginnings - a scary but exciting moment in all our lives. :-)

Tell us what Spring means to you Canada! If you have a blog Sign up for a chance at a free photo book from Shutterfly.

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