Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ignatieff Resigns

Did you know Canada.. after a disappointing loss in the Elections last night Michael Ignatieff is resigning as leader of the Liberal Party saying "I go out of politics with my head held high".

He made the announcement this morning during a press conference. As I'm sure you know last night the Liberal Party went from 77 seats to 34 and lost official opposition party status to the NDP.

Michael Ignatieff also lost his own seat in Etobicoke-Lakeshore which he had represented since 2006.

His announcement will trigger another leadership convention for the Liberal Party. Liberal lawmakers will meet in Ottawa next week to choose an interim leader for when Parliament re-opens.

Do you think it was the right thing for Ignatieff to resign today after last nights defeat?


  1. I am not a liberal fan, but it seems after last night's lambasting they had to do something. I think the lost a lot of seats they held for years. Our riding his a well known Liberal seat, whatever liberal candidate is in here knows they are going to parliament. Well not last night. That says a lot. It was a tough race between NDP and Conservaties. Our incumbent was not re-elected which says a lot about Canadians feelings on the leadership of the Liberals. I think it was a classy move on his part to step down, although he probably would have been ousted anyways.

  2. Yes, I think he would have gotten ousted anyways. The conservatives TV commercials were very harsh on him and I bet that changed a few peoples minds or at least had people looking him up.

    While I do not agree with the attack ads he did not seem like the right choice for a party leader.

  3. He should have resigned BEFORE last night's defeat!!!

  4. I agree I don't like attack ads, but sometimes putting information out there people need to know about is a good idea.

  5. It is the only thing the Liberal party can do at this point. He will probably go back to the US and we will never hear from him again. Which is fine by me!

  6. I read he wants to go back to teaching but currently has no offers.


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