Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New NHL Team coming to Winnipeg

Did you know Canada.. as we mentioned on Twitter and Facebook this morning TSN reported that at 12pm today it will be announced the Atlanta Trashers are moving to Winnipeg for start of 2011-12 season!

Rumours have been around for weeks suggesting that the Atlanta Spirit Group are negotiating a $170-million deal to sell their money-losing team to True North Sports and Entertainment Limited. It's been said that the Atlanta Thrashers are dead as an NHL team. There is no interest whatsoever in keeping that team in Atlanta and the only choice left is to the move team or they will fold the team completely.

Check back here after 12pm for all the details on Winnipeg's new NHL team!


* NHL confirms Atlanta Thrashers have been sold to group in Winnipeg
* the name of new team won't be announced today

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