Friday, May 27, 2011

Canada Post Strike Update May 27

Did you know Canada..

CUPW Denies Rumours of a Strike Notice coming down the pipe for Friday May 27th. They claim business as usual while labour negotiations between Canada Post and CUPW continue.

We'll keep our fingers crossed a strike continues to be averted!


  1. Thanks for the update - I was wondering what the status was.
    Hugs ~Jacqueline
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  2. No problem, will let you know if we hear anything new!!

  3. It's intersting that all of this keeps getting stalled. Fine by me, all my mail should be in by Thursday at the latest. So, as long as they hold off until the end of tomorrow with the notice I'm good. It's interesting too how the media is covering this (or not covering it) If you look up Canada Post strike most of the stories are days old. Reactions on blogs is interesting too. Little public sympathy with a few union workers coming in and defending themselves. Seems like the workers may have been told to try to spread out over the social media and get public reaction. I remember previous strikes, they couldn't hit the picket line fast enough. This time, seems like they are happy with the "wait and see" approach since the public isn't exactly rolling out the pom-poms


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