Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work Absences

Did you know Canada.. Stats Canada did a really interesting study on work absences. They found in an average week in 2010, 8.0% of full-time employees in Canada missed some work for personal reasons.

Women lost 11.0 days compared with 7.6 days for men. Full-time workers with preschool-age children lost 3.1 days for personal or family responsibilities compared with 1.4 days for those in families without children.

I definitely can see the number being higher for those with preschool-age children, between doctors appointments, random illnesses with kids and more I know everyday is a challenge for parents to get to work.

Stats Canada also found that at the industry level, full-time employees who missed the most work days on average were those in health care and social assistance (13.4 days) and public administration (11.8 days). The lowest averages were recorded by those in professional, scientific and technical services (5.4 days) and primary industries (7.0 days).

Do you find these numbers high?? When I worked in the office full time I always felt guilty about calling in sick no matter how sick I was, I know others make sure they get in all their allotted sick days every year whether they are really sick or not.

Source: Statistics Canada

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