Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sasquatch in Canada?

Did you know Canada.. there have been many sighting of a Sasquatch (BigFoot) in Canada?

The first record sighting of a Sasquatch came in 1811 in Alberta with the discovery of a 4 toed print in the snow measuring fifteen by eight inches.

The first recorded encounter with a Sasquatch took place in 1884 in British Columbia with a creature described as long-armed manlike creature covered with coarse black hair.

The term Sasquatch or sasqac comes from the natives of British Columbia - the Salish - and translates to "wild man of the woods".

The most recent sighting I could find was in this CBC news article from 2008 where Two Northern Ontario women report a sighting while berry picking.

Do you think Sasquatch is out there??

Source: Cryptozoology, YouTube, Sasquatch Watch Canada, CBC


  1. I am not sure I do believe however I am fascinated by the fact that there have been so many sightings that they must be seeing something.


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