Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get your shorts out!

Did you know Canada.. Environment Canada says we could be in for a warmer-than-normal summer across the country from coast to coast.

After a tough winter and a disappointing spring some people might rejoice in the news of warm weather on the way, but too much warm weather comes with its own set of problems like more smog days.

As we mentioned once before the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada was 45.0 °C in Saskatchewan on July 5, 1937 - maybe we're in for a record breaking summer this year!


  1. This is a pretty nifty blog, I love facts about Canada! Just browsing some of the blog hop blogs and I wanted to say hi! I will follow you as well<3
    Monika @ Aias Dot Ca (

  2. I am covered with a blanket as I catch up on blog reading...I say "bring on the heat!" LOL

  3. Oh, that's depressing news. Yuck. Guess I better enjoy this springtime weather (as grey and wet as it's been) while I can.


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