Monday, May 16, 2011

Canada Post Strike Possibility

Did you know Canada.. Starting May 25 we're going to have a lot of angry and frustrated people on our hands - why? Because if things don't get resolved Canada Post workers are eligible to walk off the job to strike as of May 24 at midnight.

Last month’s Canadian Union of Postal Workers, also known as CUPW, strike vote reached record numbers with 94.5 per cent of the 23,054 members that voted coming out in favour of a strike according to the union.

In 2007, Canada Post signed a 4 year agreement with CUPW without any labour disruptions. For 2007, 2008 and 2009 Canada Post was named one of Canada's Top 100 Employers, as published in Maclean's magazine.

Negotiations between CUPW and Canada Post have been ongoing since October 2010, when the union served notice to begin bargaining, as a collective agreement between the two sides expired January 2011.

Wednesday May 18th at 10am The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is holding a press conference to advise the public that the union may exercise its right to strike next Wednesday, May 25 if it is unable to reach an agreement with Canada Post Corporation. The union and the corporation are at an impasse in bargaining on several key issues.

Are you worried about the disruption this could cause Canada? I am. Not only will there be problems for bills (not everyone is Internet savvy) but many make their living by shipping their products through Canada Post.


  1. I am hoping that within the next week or so that it will be resolved. I would hate for the CP to go on strike since I get alot of mail through CP. Fingers crossed

  2. Yes I think it would be a HUGE problem for many Canadians.

    Especially small business owners and our seniors who would not deal well with bills not coming by mail.

  3. I know that before when they went on strike the utilities didn't stop anyone's service for not paying, as they knew ppl weren't getting the bills. I bet that will be the same this time. From what my postal carrier tells me (she is not a striker as rural routers are in their own union), it is looking bad for a strike. I am a small business owner (etsy shop), and also a review blogger who needs items to come in to review, I am not liking this whole strike situation. I could potentially lose some income, and even make US sponsors annoyed. I've already seen some packages take much longer than normal, so I am thinking they are slowing down the sorting of mail so that it will be worse impact right away.

  4. I rarely use the mail. It would make no difference to me if Canada Post went on strike, or even disappeared. I'm perfectly happy receiving and paying my bills online. I think the union should consider that a lot of people feel this way and that they really have it pretty good as is. I have several friends who are posties. Getting paid for an 8 hour day when only working 5 seems like a nice gig to me.

  5. I think it's interesting how one of the reasons the union wants to decrease the wages is because the amount of mail being delivered is decreasing...but then CP is advising people to set up online banking for their bills so that in the event of a strike, people can still pay bills. Wouldn't this make it so more people are forced to go the online route, thus making even less mail (in the long run) after this whole strike is over?

  6. TiredOfGreedyUnionsMay 19, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    So the union of Canada Post employees is threatening to hold the nation hostage over terms of employment of new hires (that's right! people who haven't even been hired yet!).

    This at a time when the economic recovery is looking uncertain and many Canadians are unemployed or underemployed.

    The clueless CUPW seems unable to fathom that one logical consequence of this move is to prompt Canadian individuals and businesses to be even less reliant on Canada Post. Their actions will put future revenue for Canada Post on even shakier ground and make it harder to justify the continued employment of their lazy coworkers.

    Prime Minister Harper, please pass back-to-work legislation as soon as possible and break the back of this union of disgraceful blackmailers.


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