Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cake Beauty - Comfort and Joy

Did you know Canada..  I LOVE Cake Beauty.  I already have their hand cream and was so excited to receive their Comfort and Joy Holiday bath and body set.

Coming in a really cute box, with Cake’s ultra rich and nourishing bath & body formulas, and in their limited edition holiday scent – baked sugar cookie.  It smells SO GOOD!  Kids love it too and have been having a few fun bubble baths using it, but Mama doesn't share too much!   100% paraben free and 90-95% natural products, this Canadian company is one to support this Holiday Season.

Cake's bubble bath makes lushious bubbles, it's such a treat.  Not only does their body lotion moisturize skin, but like their other body lotions the scent stays with you for hours!  I've actually received comments on my "perfume" for it only to be the body lotion, it smells that great and lasts that long.

What a fun way to treat the lady in your life this Holiday Season!!

Make sure you keep up with Cake Beauty on Twitter and Facebook for all the news on their awesome products!

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