Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mastermind’s 2012 Holiday Hits List

Did you know Canada..  Faniya, our Toronto Representative, has some great info for us from our friends at Mastermind..

Holidays and toys can’t exist separately. We continue to meet the best toy professionals and this October we had an opportunity to learn about Mastemind’s 2012 Holiday Hits introduced by   Mastemind’s top toy expert and CEO Jon Levy.

Mastermind Toys is Canada's leading specialty toy retailer with vast varieties of books and educational toys, science kits, microscopes, puzzles, software, music toys and arts & crafts. Products that arouse interest, enjoyment and curiosity in kids, develop imagination and creative thinking.

Mastemind Toys is the toy store where we play and shop quite often for puzzles and games. It is the store that my boy never wants to leave, only the promise that we are coming back very soon saves us.

So here are some our favorites of Mastemind’s 2012 Holiday Hits List we love to share with you:

  • ·        Mastermind Exclusive SKoot Case Luggage, great for little traveller as it holds the most important travel necessities like books, puzzles and stuffed animals. It also folds up to look like a Vespa Scooter so you little one can scoot around the airport in style. Available in red, blue, pink and lilac.
  • ·        Symphony IN B. Music Maker for a little composer. With the Symphony in B. Music Maker, kids mix and match 13 instruments onto the orchestra pit; when an instrument is added, that element of the music begins to play. Kids combine the elements to create an arrangement like a real conductor!
  • ·        Master Kitz Art Kits for a growing artist. These kits teach the techniques and history of master painters like Van Gogh and Monet. Then, little ones are encouraged to create their own interpretations of some of the biggest masterpieces of all time with the included paints, stencils and brushes!
  • ·        Sno Stompers With upcoming winter season these are must have snow shoes.  Sno Stompers have animal tracks underneath and leave cool dinosaur and bear tracks in your wake! Simply strap these on over your little one’s boots and stomp around in the snow!
  • ·        BRIO classic wooden trains & track system made from Beech wood, it is very durable and built to last, the blend of complexity and simplicity with elements of nostalgia and the modern world. Brio features an extraordinary amount of detail and moving parts that allow trains to function exactly as they would in the real world. You can find the whole system set up in stores for kids to play.
  • ·        COOL CIRCUITS - electrify your brain with this challenging puzzler! The object is to place all of the pieces on the board to successfully complete the circuit; do so, and the entire board lights up! Cool Circuits emphasizes spatial reasoning and abstract thinking with over 40 different challenges ranging from student to expert.

The full list of of Mastemind’s 2012 Holiday Hits can be found here.

We also very excited that new stores opened this fall in Barrie, Mississauga, Oshawa, Waterloo and Bayview Village (Toronto).

And do not forget that Mastermind offers complimentary gift wrap and personalized gift tags, just another reason to head over there and get some holiday excitement!

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