Monday, November 5, 2012

Healthy eating – healthy living with Lydia Knorr

Did you know Canada..  Toronto Representative Faniya has another great event to share with us..

Fall season is on its peak and we are slowly back to our routines. We also love fall for the holidays and seasonal foods, it offers. So this time of the year is very important to keep the right balance and eat healthy.

In October I was invited to meet Yoplait spokesperson and Lydia Knorr as well as other influencers to discuss family health and fall routines. It was like a round table discussion in elegant and cozy Moroco, located in Toronto downtown.  I like that everyone contributed to our conversation about family life as we all have kids and quite often we face same challenges like how to feed breakfast in the morning kids who just woke up and do not want to eat anything.  Or what serving sizes we should have for our kids as I cannot allow kids to eat all the nuts I have at home in just one sitting.

So I hope you will find these tips helpful as I found them for myself:
  • * Eat your breakfast every day, this may sound familiar and simple but it is very important as after 7 hours of sleep your body needs some fuel, it is also the perfect opportunity to take milk products
  • * Plan menu for a week, this helps you focus more of healthy choices for the upcoming week and plan accordingly instead of preparing whatever can be found in a fridge
  • * Pack lunches the night before, also sounds so familiar but it is not only a healthy lunch prepared a night before it is also a good sleep and less stress in the morning
  • * If your kid does not like veggies try to add some veggie sauces to pasta or meat or puree them
  • * Look at the shopping labels (you know there are lots of info there), but here are three the most important ones: fibre (higher is better and cereals give the best choice), fats and sodium
  • * Eat small and nutritious meals more often:  eat small meals throughout the day (every 3 to 4 hours) like fruits, pre-cut veggies, nuts and low fat yogurt
For more healthy tips, healthy and quick food ideas please take a look at Lydia Knorr’s web site:
And finally happy and healthy eating is a very important part of our daily routine; let’s create an enjoyable experience for our families during holiday season.

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