Friday, November 2, 2012

LAZER TAG 2 Blaster Battle Pack

Did you know Canada.. Well, I can honestly say that Hasbro Canada has you covered to make you (or Santa) look like a hero this Holiday Season.  My guys will be blasting each other, Dad and their Uncles with Hasbro's LAZER TAG 2 Blaster Battle Pack!

This is SO COOL!  Not only does the set come with two laser guns, with technology that works within the gun so you don't have to wear a chest piece like old laser games, AND, you can use an App to actually see the person you are shooting AND the laser!!

Oh man, this is just too cool!!!  My guys, and the rest of the guys in the family, are going to flip!

Use indoor or out, you can choose from the Basic Mission or App-Enhanced Mission! Battle in a Solo Campaign, Team Campaign or Multiplayer Battle.  There are so many ways to play!  Data display shows Takedown Count, Match Timer, Target Reticule, Radar Scanner, Current Weapon, Special Weapon Count, Special Armor Count, Ammo, Life Level and Shield Level.

Easy to get out of the package, set up and use, the only downside is the 12 batteries..haha.. Santa better stock up!  I can't get over the merge with technology, just download the App from the App store and you are ready!  Comes with a handy case for the phone to sit securely  so if they are borrowing your phone, you know it's safe (phew!).  Light weight, easy and comfortable for small and big hands to use, everyone in my family is enjoying this!

You have got to check out this one and all the cool stuff from Hasbro Canada for this Holiday Season, they absolutely know what kids want, this is going to be so much fun. :-)

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