Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did you know Canada..  I bet you "Denheads" already know about CardSwap, a Canadian business featured on Dragon's Den.  CardSwap allows you to sell your unwanted gift cards and purchase ones you will actually use!

You don't have to sell gift cards first, you can just shop for gift cards in the comfort of your own home and while you do you'll be earning points that are exchanged for gift cards or even cash via Paypal!

So here is exactly how it works..

1. You receive a gift card you will never use, head over to the site and hit sell, find the retailer in the list and go from there, during the process you can select to either get SwapPoints in exchange for the card so you can buy a new gift card from the site, or just get the offered cash amount via Pay Pal.  You'll then be told how to mail in your giftcard using a FREE prepaid shipping label.

2. If you are just looking to sell you are done!  If you want to buy just search through the available cards on the site and go to the process of purchasing it.  I recently purchased a Chapters-Indigo card and in doing so earned 350 SwapPoints (it depends on the value of the card and the retails as to how many SwapPoints you'll earn).

3. My giftcard showed up VERY quickly in the mail and I was ready to go!  Once I earn 1,000 SwapPoints I'll have a free $10 credit to redeem on the site as well, how fun is that!  Definitely better than buying the same gift cards in the store, here you are earning cash with every purchase.

I was very happy with the ease of check out on the site and happy to see that some of my favourite spots had gift cards available, like Chapters-Indigo and Tim Hortons.  How perfect for the Holidays, you can purchase giftcards to gift to friends and family AND earn a little something for your self at the same time!  Or if Gramma or a causal friend doesn't quiet pick out the right gift card this year head to CardSwap.ca to sell it and get one you'll really use!

We have great news for our Canadian readers as well, enter below for your chance to win a $25 credit for CardSwap.ca so you can try out the service and get your own gift card!!  Good luck Canada!

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