Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lug Life

Did you know Canada..  I mentioned last week how much I love my new diaper bag, the Tuk Tuk Carry All from Lug Life.  I'm also the proud owner of 2 more Lug Life purses, they are just the best!

I have to tell you, these would just be PERFECT for under the tree this year, they have something for everyone.  Don't just think purses and Mommy bags either, they have laptop bags, travel bags, cosmetic cases, lunch bags, and really cute Under Cover Bears.  There is a gift for every person and in every price range.

Lug hit the scene in 2005, when founders Jason and Ami launched the brand with offices in Dallas and Toronto and they have always had Canadians proud to use their products, I know I am!

In gorgeous colours, with so many useful extras..

- The millions of much needed pockets in their Mommy bags and purses
- Built in mouse pad on back of the Flatbed Slim Laptop Bed
- Lunch bag with a hidden exterior bottle holder (I have one of these on one of my purses too, LOVE IT!)
- Fitness bag with a unique front patch for storing your yoga mat

The extras and innovations are endless, and all at great prices!

You have got to visit for shopping this season (online ordering is super easy, trust me, I know!), check them out on Twitter and Facebook too!

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