Monday, November 12, 2012


Did you know Canada..  I'm a Scentsy addict!  I wonder if there is a support group..haha.. it's true, I love Scentsy products, and for SO MANY reasons.

- clean "burning"
- you're not actually burning anything, scentsy is a flameless candle!
- amazing, high quality scents
- beautiful warmers for every room of your home
- extras like travel tins and buddy's that come in their awesome scents

I've received a few Holiday themed Scentsy products, and ordered some of my own as well.  This beautiful All Wrapped Up burner is awesome for the Holidays, your wax goes in the top and it's a really sweet present. :-)

I purchased the Joy to World cover for my silhouette warmer, it's a single burner that you can purchase many covers for to change your look and celebrate some seasons!  Love it!

My favourite scents come from the Fall/Winter category, here's a few of my current fav..

It's a toss up between Christmas Cottage and Cozy Fireside for absolute favourite, but one of the many great things about scent is that you buy a bar like this and inside each package the wax is cut into cubes.  So you just use a couple cubes at a time, want to switch things out?  Just remove your current wax and put in a couple cubes of another scent, so easy!

I love that you just need one warmer and then can have these easy to store packs for your scents, no one has room for a cupboard full of candles, so you end up only having maybe your current candle and one of two extras, but with Scentsy you can have tons of scents lined up and switch them out quickly and easily!

Any and all of their warmers, including the plug-ins (perfect for the bathroom!) would make beautiful gifts this Holiday Season.  Introduce a friend to Scentsy, or surprise a fellow addict with some new scents.  For the little ones they have these fun Scentsy Buddies that hold a scent pak inside, so not only does your little one get a new friend but a fresh scent as well!  I already have one for the baby's room. :-)

Are you a fellow Scentsy addict?  If not you have got to try them!  Follow Scentsy on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all their new scents, warmers and more!

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