Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Falling in love over the Holidays?

Did you know Canada..  I, as I'm sure you know, am happily married, we just celebrated our 6th anniversary in fact and of course have our newest little one on the way.  But I was discussing with a friend the other day about how hard constant holiday parties and events can be when you are single.

Work parties and dinners are usually meant for couples, gifted tickets usually come in sets of 2, family events are often about big family dinners and lots of happy kids - it's a hard time to be single!

Frustrated with the Holiday party scene being for couples, I actually have a friend that ended up finding the love of his life on an online dating site at this time of year.  Using a Canadian network he trusted, it turned out to be a sweet love story and their first dates were at some holiday parties which he thought helped break the ice a lot better.

Do you think the Holidays are meant for couples and families while singles get pushed to the waste side?

Though of course, we all know, anything goes on New Years Eve ;-)

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