Monday, November 19, 2012 - Holiday Food and Travel

Did you know Canada.. has a fantastic promotion going on for the Holidays.

Apply and be approved for one of their two featured credit cards (both MBNA Mastercards which are well respected cards, I actually have one myself) to receive a free $100 gift card and be entered into's sweepstakes to win $1,110 for holiday expenses. Gift card choices are from ToysRUs,, Future Shop and Boston Pizza!!!

You pick the gift card you want as you apply for the credit card, so don't feel like you'll be jumping through hoops to get the gift card, follow the directions and will send you the gift card within 5-10 business days, easy peasy!

Wow, just for being approved for the card you automatically get the $100 gift card!  Wouldn't that be perfect to use in your Holiday Shopping.  And then entered for the Grand Prize, the Holidays would be completed covered!!!

Apply today and get your free $100 gift card so you can head out shopping!  No matter what, you're a winner with the free gift card!!  Apply soon as this promotion ends December 15th Canada!

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