Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sallazzo Slippers

Did you know Canada.. I was so excited to learn about Sallazzo Slippers, slippers that are manufactured IN Canada!

Not only is that amazing news, but these are awesome slippers. I don't like bulky slippers that might *look* cozy but end up making my feet sweat and make you slip around the house (their sole is non-slip leather).

Sallazzo Slippers are all-purpose slippers made with an exclusive two-way stretch fabric that is manufactured in Canada, allowing for design that has no elastic at the opening so there's no constriction. They are just the right about of cozy and functional that you can wear them in comfort all the time.  Not only for home, travel (so thin, they are easy to stick in your purse!), they also have pairs beautiful enough for your wedding day!

So, not only are they manufactured in Canada, not only are they comfortable enough for every day use, they are also really cute! I tried out the All Dolled Up In Dots Sallazzo Slippers, in my jammies of course..haha..

They have a gorgeous one for Christmas as well, I absolutely love it!

Not only for women, Sallazzo Slippers have styles for men too, perfect for keep feet warm in the basement or garage, while travelling and more, with a slim look and fits like a sock so no one feels silly. ;-)

What a great gift under the tree, thing enough for a stocking, or a surprise for Christmas Eve, these would make fantastic gifts for the whole family!

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