Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NHL - what's going on now?

Did you know Canada..  well, we all know the talks continue to fall through, things continue to be cancelled and we are all down in the dumps about it.

A bit of good news though, The NHL and union hadn't met since October 18 but had an all day session on Saturday and as promised, are back at the table today in New York.

So it is *possible* the season, though a short one, can still be saved, don't throw out your jerseys, horns and big wavy hands yet!  I know some people are chomping at the bit to get back into betting on NHL games too, making for more excitement as you watch the game.  Click here to visit canada.betfair.com, who can give you a great summary of the best bets around at the moment while you wait for the NHL to return.

If you can't wait for an NHL deal to come to fruition, check out local games!  We are heading to a local Junior B game this weekend, comfortable seats, cheaper hot dogs and popcorn, still a good game, can even bring the kids!  Or go up a level and look into the OHL/Junior A hockey, these are serious competitors and some of these guys will be called up to the big league, support them now to help them grow.

Do you think the NHL season can be saved?

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