Monday, November 5, 2012

Dempster's Farmhouse bread

Did you know Canada..  we are a white bread family, yes, I said it!  I do often pick up rye for myself, but we don't really like brown.  So we know our white breads well, and I have to tell you, we just tried Dempster's Farmhouse bread and it is amazing!

We are already a Dempster's family so to speak, we had Dempster bagels for breakfast just this morning, that's always the bread in the kids lunches, etc..  but I'm so used to picking up our main staples the new Farmhouse bread had not caught my eye until now.

We love to support Canadian company Maple Leaf Foods at home, and I absolutely love that the Farmhouse bread is made with 100% Canadian wheat!  So soft and yummy, it has that unique homemade fresh taste that is unbelievable from grocery store shelf bread.  Available across Ontario and can be found in the bakery section at major grocers including Walmart, Metro, Sobeys, Food Basics, Freshco, and Price Chopper.

I think this would be perfect for French Toast, toast and peanut butter and best of all, yummy sandwiches which is just what we made.

Everyone grabbed their lunch meat and toppings and as you can see, we all dug in. :-)

So what's in your sandwich? Kids just had lunch meat, Hubby had lunch meat, lettuce and cheese, being pregnant I skipped the lunch meat, had lettuce, cheese, ranch dressing and a touch of salt and pepper.  A great way to please everyone and share a family meal.

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