Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sticky Mosaics - Robots

Did you know Canada..  we had an amazing time checking out the Robots set of Sticky Mosaics!

I wasn't sure if the boys were going to reeeeeally love it as crafts are not always their favourite thing, but this was the perfect amount of craft time, with really cool Robots, STICKERS (our favourite thing) and easy enough for little fingers not to get frustrated.

Once complete you have these awesome Robots to play with, the boys have been creative with some amazing stories about where the Robots come from and what they do.  I loved that there was info about each Robot on the back of them, it really helped the boys to build on a story.

Even Mom & Dad had fun doing this with them, and unlike some other sets for kids, it wasn't frustrating for us either and no one got covered in paint or glue!! ;-)

My absolutely favourite part is that Sticky Mosaics are from the Orb Factory  a Canadian company out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Not just Robots, Stick Mosaic sets come in Beautiful Butterflies, wearable Jewel Tiaras, a set of 3 Keepsake Boxes just to name a few!  I love that once you finish your project you really have a finished piece that can be used in play, wearable, for room decor and more!  Even the Robots were sturdy enough to handle two busy boys so I know all their products can stand up to the worst.

What a great gift idea for the Holidays, a great project to complete over the school break and something to keep and treasure for the whole year!

Follow the Orb Factory on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all their awesome products, I know a few little ones that will be getting these sets from me this year!  Need another fantastic reason to follow them online? For every new Facebook fan and Twitter follower they receive through the whole month of November, they will donate one toy children in need - wow!  Be sure to share with friends and family and let's make it a special holiday for children who could really use it.

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