Sunday, November 18, 2012


Did you know Canada..  have you heard about Fracture?  They print your digital photos (ones right off your camera) onto glass!

They can be printed for as little as $10 and sized up to 18" and beyond.  What a beautiful gift this would make for the Holiday Season.  More thoughtful and special than a single framed photo, with quality that will last forever and a unique piece for anyone's home.  Safer than an ordinary glass frame and more shatter-proof AND comes with a Life-time Satisfaction Guarantee that covers all manufacturer's defects.

We recently went through the process of ordering a picture, it was very easy, through their tool you upload your picture and can then edit it, I zoomed in on mine a bit for example.  You can also set a border, or not, it's VERY easy to use.  You then place your order and it's on it's way!

I loved how it was packaged when it arrived, you open the box, pop out the picture from a black frame and you have the option to either use a stand or hang on the wall - it even comes with the screw!  I really appreciated both options, we are using the stand, it sits securely and looks amazing!

Anyone who has visited since we set it up have all commented on the picture, it's noticeable  eye catching, bright and beautiful.

We have great news for our readers as well!!  Use code DYKCPROMO to save 15% off any orders over $100 on  Stay up to date with Fracture on Twitter and Facebook - and check them out today, what a fantastic Holiday Gift!

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