Thursday, November 22, 2012

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate

Did you know Canada..  I admit, I had not heard of Green & Black's Organic Chocolate until I was recently introduced to them, and wow, have I been missing out!

Green & Black’s Organic offers an amazing range of organic, Fair Trade Certified 100g chocolate bars at only $3.89 a bar.  A great price for quality chocolate, and the flavours, the flavours!

The Milk Chocolate was delicious, just what your always expect milk chocolate to be, even though you hardly ever end up with it.  My absolute favourite though, Butterscotch, is SO GOOD!  Hubby loved the Almond and Gramma gives a thumbs up on the White Chocolate.

What great stocking stuffers for the Holiday Season, get a few really good bars of chocolate that people will actually enjoy, is really yummy flavours, instead of all that cheap novelty chocolate (that's really not that cheap is it?!).

Green & Black's Organic uses fine organic ingredients that are ethically sourced for a perfect balance between taste and principles.  This is what they stand for and why they pay a premium for all their organic ingredients and why I feel great about sharing their products with my family and friends.

Follow them on Facebook for their latest news and pick up this yummy treat for the Holiday Season!

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