Friday, November 23, 2012

Gotta Getta Gund

Did you know Canada..  I bet you remember the phrase Gotta Getta Gund from your youth.  Well Gund is still making unique teddys and stuffies for your little ones to enjoy.

We recently received a Buzzi Bumble Bee and Lolly Giraffe to have some comforting friends here when our new baby comes home.  They have already brightened up the baby's room and we all love the Hush Little Baby lullaby that Lolly plays with a turn of the key.

I am really happy with how easy the key is to turn, I remember some keyed and wind-up toys of my youth and they were always impossible to use.  With Lolly the Giraffe my 5 year old boys can easily turn the key to hear the sweet song.

The Buzzi Bumble Bee is really cool, it's part blanket and part friend. I love the yellow satin underside, all the best security blanket's have that cool satin piece on them don't they?  I know my baby blanket did.

Speaking of satin, check out their Comfy Cozy friends as well.  It's a cozy blanket with a full satin underside, and a cute bumble bee or lady bug head as well.

Their entire babyGund section is so, so sweet, you are sure to find a new friend for a new little one in your family.  These friends would be great gifts for under the tree this year, as cozy stuffies from your baby years are memories that last a life time aren't they?

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