Friday, November 30, 2012


Did you know Canada..  I recently found out about a fantastic .ca website where you can not only purchase perscription eyeglasses online in designer frames, but also name brand sunglasses!

I am a HUGE sunglass wearer, they are always on my face when I leave the house, no matter what the season is, and usually sitting on top of my head if I'm inside.  Hubby also wears sunglasses everyday while driving too and from work and we were so excited about the opportunity to receive a new pair through SmartBuyGlasses.

They have everything from Ray Ban's to goggles for sports, Nike's and more and at amazing prices!  What a great place to shop for Christmas presents too, as you can sort through so many brands, styles, and see exact details like sizing, gender, year and style, and they come with a free $25 lens kit as well!

We got hubby a pair of Nike Veer's, they were the perfect size for his face, came with an extra set of lenses made for cloudy days, a cloth case and the very useful cleaning spray.  Hubby is SO HAPPY with this pair and I loved the great experience of being able to pick out a pair with exactly the details he wanted in a pair of sunglasses without just scanning through a rack in store and not really knowing what I'm looking at.

We are SO EXCITED to share a pair of glasses with our reader as well.  Enter below for your chance to win a pair of sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses!!  You can choose from a pair of Nike Veer's or these very stylish Ray Ban's!

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