Friday, November 9, 2012

Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall

Did you know Canada..  The Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall 2012 are a selection of products chosen to provide Canadian women and their families with healthier alternatives for their diet, lives and environment. Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky are the co-founders of The Healthy Shopper, a coupon book that makes healthy shopping more reasonable, and authors of the book “Unjunk Your Junk food”.

With my package I received a copy of “Unjunk Your Junk food” as well and I absolutely loved it, it shares such great info about positive changes you can make, without berating you as I've seen from other health books.  Just because you're eating healthy doesn't mean you have to lose the taste either!  I've really been enjoying their picks for fall..

Asian brand, San-J, might already be in your cupboard at home.  They are a popular brand of asian cooking sauces, that are gluten free!  I've really been enjoying their Soy Sauce, we use Soy Sauce a lot in rice dishes, it has a really nice and light flavour, the kids have been enjoying it as well!  Our biggest fav is their new Asian Orange Chicken sauce, I LOVE Orange Chicken, so I was actually on the fence about trying it, because I didn't want it to not be what I was hoping for.  So happy I tried it because yes!  It does taste like the Asian Orange Chicken you are probably expecting, and I am SO EXCITED I can now make it easily at home!

Their next pick was Natracare which I've used before and I know that they make a fantastic group of products.  Natracare’s organic and natural pads are recommended by gynecologists, and it was the first feminine hygiene brand to receive an International Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)! Natracare organic cotton tampons and organic and natural pads were developed as a direct response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution caused by chlorine bleaching, the extensive use of pesticide spraying on conventionally grown cotton, and the use of rayon and other synthetics in feminine hygiene.  These are products you can feel safe with, and one I trust.

The 3rd choice, and one we had a lot of fun with, was Simply Natural Organic salad dressings.  Coming in a huge range of flavours, what do you do with so many salad dressings?  Well you have a salad party of course!  We got lettuce, spinach  hard boiled eggs, ham, chicken, and bread.  Everyone topped their salad how they wanted and we tried all the dressings!  The top 2 fav was the Ranch and the Honey Mustard, the Balsamic was also a big hit, and there were definitely no misses, it was just a great range of products.  They tasted exactly how they were suppose to, and best of all the dressings are produced from organic ingredients; vegetables and herbs typically grown as heirloom varieties known for their fresh, rich taste.

The final choice is another product we've used before, Ecover.  The laundry detergent works great, on both the adult and the kid clothes, and I will be using it on the baby clothes when we get those ready soon!  The dish liquid has a really nice light scent and most importantly is made without foam boosters that don’t biodegrade and don’t really clean.  I found the Toilet Bowl Cleaner to be very easy to use as well with the angled spout and it worked well.  All Ecover products are made with plant-based ingredients, phosphate-free, not tested on animals, have a minimum impact on aquatic life, are suitable for septic tanks and are completely biodegradable.  Also, Ecover’s 100% PlantPlastic bottles are made from sugarcane that is 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable!

A fantastic group of products, products that every household can use and I love them all!  Using the Healthy Shopper coupon book I'll be able to save on all these great products when we run out too.

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