Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Did you know Canada..  method has 2 really fun sets for the Holidays that will add to your Holiday decor while offering safe products to your family.

method, as I hope many of you know, creates non-toxic cleaners that are easy on hands, free of heavy metals, safe for people and pets, their bottles are 100% recycled plastic, never tested on animals, and more.  More safety, more green and hey, they smell nice too!

In fact, I LOVE their sugared mint dish soap, I have used other method products, but had not picked up their dish soap yet - well it's so cool!  Not only is this holiday piece fun looking and smells amazing, but it's a PUMP!  I had no idea, I LOVE this.

With little boys I am forever washing just a couple dishes that don't go in the dish washer, or things we need right away like lunch containers from school, water bottles for sports, etc.. and the precision of a pump means less waste and SO MUCH EASIER to use!

So their Sugar + Spice series comes in Sugared Mint hand soap, Gingerbread hand soap and my fav, the Sugared Mint dish soap.

There is also their Evergreen Nice collection with Frosted Fir and Mistletoe hand soap and Froster Fir dish soap.

I'd love them all!  The hand soap would make a cute stocking stuffer too. :-)

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